State Employees Demand Games on Their Work PCs

Montana state employees raised a stink recently when the new computers sent to the Child Support Enforcement Division in the Department of Public Health and Human Services offices arrived without games like solitaire, hearts and minesweeper.

Some employees complained that they should have the games, which were on their old computers, on the new PCs so the state installed them on all of the computers.

But after an anonymous tipster wrote to complain to the local newspaper that people really shouldn't be spending their time casual gaming, the state decided to remove games from all of it's more than 3,000 PCs.

Oh come on, why should the Child Support and Public Health folks have to work any harder than the DMV people? What they really should do is install World of Warcraft on all the PCs... and then load the computer's up with liquid cooling and neon tubing. I hear that's all the rage in Texas government.

Games on state computers stirs flap [Missoulian]


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