"Still Alive" Now Available For Download. Go! Go! Go! It wasn't supposed to hit until tomorrow, April 1, but in an inverse April Fool's Day gag, it looks like the free Rock Band tune from Portal is now available. We've had more than a few tips on the matter, pointing out that you should look under "Songs" and not "New Releases" for the track. Enjoy! And thanks, everyone!


    What's the point in putting this story on the Australian version of Kotaku?

    Rock Band is not in Australia and there has been no word at all on what's happening with it. All I've had are rumours (even from my suppliers and reps). Nothing official.

    I know a lot of pissed off gamers in Australia that are losing interest in the game because of this. I wouldn't mind waiting if Harmonix and MTV games kept us informed about what's happening, but they aren't. Instead all we can do is listen to rumours.


    if this article had have been something to do with announced in Australia... i would have been excited.

    Articles like this only serve to turn me further and further away from Rockband as a game.

    And to think that I was REALLY excited for it :(

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