Super Mario Galaxy Wii Mod, Even Hotter With The Lights Off

Take 1 part Wii, 2 parts Mario figurines, 5 parts custom circuit board, 59 parts LED, 30 parts (in feet) of wire and one big, stinky pile of fanboy...bake it for 20 minutes...and you get this Super Mario Galaxy Wii. Aside from the brilliant aesthetics (hit the jump for a night shot that's really pretty striking), the case includes a place to recharge your lithium ion batteries. Listed on eBay right now, proceeds will go to Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity.

The bidding is already over $US 600 and there are over 4 days left in the auction. Given that there's charity involved, it might just be time to start planning your 2008 tax deductions.

Nintendo Wii ONE OF A KIND Super Mario Galaxy Mod
[eBay via Gizmodo]

UPDATE: Apparently the item has been pulled. Sorry charity, no money for you because eBay is a douchebag.


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