Super Smashing Proposal

When it came time to pop the question, reader Brian Klima did it right. No scoreboard message at a baseball game, no skywriting, no jewelry buried in the dessert. He proposed marriage to his one true love with all the charm and romance that is Super Smash Bros. Brawl Grab your hankies and hit the jump.

In Brian's words:

"I came home from work with the ring on Wednesday, and while she was attending her grad school classes, I got to work on a custom level that would successfully convey my intentions.

"I first tried spelling out 'Will You Marry Me?' but the limitations on the level's file size wouldn't allow it, so I then settled for the abridged version, "MARRY ME?" I set the match time limit to infinity, and then simply set up Mario, Peach, and Kirby (her favourite) around the level so that the camera was zoomed out as much as possible and the entire message fit on the screen. I then turned the TV off and just waited for her to come home.

"When she went to watch TV, the first image that appeared when the set powered on was my level. At first she asked, "Oh, are you in the middle of a game?" But after she noticed the small box in my hand, and I insisted that she give the TV another look, she figured out what was going on."

"Oh, and she said, 'Yes!'"

Pardon me, there's ... some dust in my eye or something ... That really is beautiful Brian. (Just one thing, you forgot to tell us your lucky bride's name.)

And, genuinely, best wishes from Kotaku for your new life together.

Update: Brian writes to say his fiancee's name is Allison, and your kind words and reactions mean a lot to them.


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