Talking To The Iron Man Demo

You'll notice long periods of silence in this video of my play through of the Iron Man demo on the Xbox 360. Those were moments when I was genuinely enjoying myself enough that I forgot I was filming it. Despite said enjoyment, I'd have to say that if I weren't an Iron Man fan, I probably wouldn't have been moved to buy the game after a single play through. To controls take a great deal of getting used to, the bits that let you use special moves to take out vehicles and turrets are simply jarring interactive cutscenes, and I could certainly see Tony's running dialogue with his computer JARVIS (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System) growing stale quickly. You're watching my second play through here. On my third I actually took things slow, and the flight controls grew on me quite a bit. Oh, and you can upgrade a couple of the systems in the suit...just not the one I was attempting to. Not exactly overjoyed, yet not quite heartbroken either.


    Good stuff mate.

    I'd be interested if you didn't have that annoying commentary over the top. Who are you talking to? Yourself? I find your 'commentary' extremely annoying. Please, less stupid chatter and more just pointing out things of actual interest.

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