Tanya Byron Still Likes To Play Games, Possibly When Drunk

Tanya Byron, the clinical psychologist behind the now-quasi-infamous Byron Review actually enjoys playing some games herself. With friends. And booze.

I have talked about the fact we play Nintendo Wii with our kids, and we have all sorts of consoles in the house. And my husband and I, at the end of the day, quite like trying to play tennis on the Wii with our mates who've had a few drinks.

A few drinks?? She continues:

We like games in our house, videogames are fun, it's what children do. Kids need a balanced media diet, and they need, you know, not to be spending too much time gaming and not doing other things. But fundamentally, you need to celebrate it and empower and enable them to do it safely.

So while the Byron Review may have scared the hell out of some media outlets, it hasn't scared the hell out of Tanya Byron. Or the attendees of her late night Wii hazing parties. Dr Tanya Byron: Part Two [Gamesindustry via GoNintendo]


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