Telltale Games Demos Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People For WiiWare

Brett Tosti, Executive Producer and Emily Morganti, Marketing Coordinator, from Telltale Games publicly demonstrated Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People this morning at the opening of day two of the Nintendo Media Summit. The WiiWare title, announced yesterday, will feature the e-mail answering character fave from Homestar Runner.

The demo began with Strong Bad waking up on his couch, after dreaming of Super Punch Out!!, a quick musical number and a hasty interaction with his portly brother, Strong Sad. After hassling his housemates, Strong Bad heads downstairs to chat with a despondent Homestar.

We're introduced quickly to Strong Bad's motivation. Homestar has been caught for indecency and Strong Bad is either tasked with cheering him up or making reparations for Homestar's pantslessness.

Interaction with characters uses a simple pop up talk bubble, with a minimal HUD that can be interacted with via Wii Remote pointer or the plus, minus and B buttons on the remote. Players will check the game map, use game tools and access other menus this way.

In the house kitchen, Strong Bad picks up a cell phone adding it to his inventory, giving him the ability to make prank phone calls. Strong Bad then heads outside to make a call to Marzipan and dig up a hidden Teen Girl Squad comic.

Heading upstairs, Strong Bad sits down in front of a television and Videlectrix console to play Snake Boxer 5, a simplistic top-down boxing game in the vein of Atari 2600 Boxing, but with snakes.

The demo ended there, but it certainly nailed all the right Strong Bad points. It was funny—genuinely funny, not typical video game writing funny—featured many of the series' beloved characters and looked very polished visually. The Telltale Games point & click adventure pedigree should do right by the IP and looks to please the rabid Strong Bad fanbase.


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