That's Not A PSP Battery, This Is A PSP Battery

When Sony decided to officially support the PSP's original 2200mAh battery for the PSP Slim—which required the release of a larger, lopsided case door—Sony's sleek new PSP revision became the victim of a botched nose job at the benefit of some major batter life.

But if the 2200mAh battery is a crooked nose, this 3600mAh model is Michael Jackson before the swelling has gone down on his single-tit silicon implant. Now with that appetising image in mind, hit the play button!

[via Maxconsole]


    well done mate, great vid

    Well turn it on... does it give freaking 15-18 hours of play time?
    If it does its not ALL that bad... if you are going camping with no electricity around it might come in handy.

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