The Darkness Getting A Sequel It Shouldn't Have

No, please don't. Starbreeze Studios' The Darkness might not have set the sales charts ablaze, but it did contain two of the most emotionally charged moments I've ever experienced in a video game, with one quietly making the impact of the other that much more profound. It's the sort of game that would only be diluted by a sequel, but it looks like they're going to do it anyway. It's rumour until it's official, but at the New York Comic Con's Top Cow panel, said sequel was all but announced.

"We can't say DARKNESS and video game sequel in the same sentence. So, DARKNESS. Wink. Sequel."

This can only end in tears, and not the good kind you get when a powerful story draws them from their ducts like a fiddler draws rats. Ooo, maybe if the sequel lets you shoot rats from your eyes? Cool, but doubtful. I just know that any attempt to recapture such magic moments will feel like just that - attempts. Please prove me wrong.

NY Comic Con '08: Top Cow Panel [The Quarter Bin via GayGamer]


    Erm...Wha...? A sequel would be great! What are you guys saying? There are a lot of things in the plot that are unresolved, mostly having to do with The Darkness itself... And with 2k and Starbreeze polishing up, there can only be room for improvement! *awaits flames*

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