The Dawn of Literary Video Games

Some of us here at Kotaku are fond of the idea of highbrow literature getting the game treatment. Suda 51's Kurayami, based on Franz Kafka's The Castle, could be leading the pack in games inspired by literature not really associated with great fodder for the gaming medium. But what of the downsides of a gaming landscape that includes Joyce and Lawrence?:

... With all this high regard would come pretentiousness, and everybody would be too scared to admit that they didn't particularly like - or even understand - Konami's latest FPS based on the works of Geoffrey Chaucer, or Square Enix's RPG adaptation of Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov, in the same way that nobody in the art community will admit that, really, Damien Hirst's stuff is a load of bobbins.

His suggestion on what to do with Finnegan's Wake is brilliant. I'm not sure the world is quite ready for a Dostoevsky-Squeenix mash-up, but it would make for some interesting reviews to be sure.

The Ryan Lambie column: the dawn of literary videogames
[Den of Geek]


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