The Friendly Faces Of Silent Hill: Homecoming



  • I honestly have to say that Silent Hill V really does look quite horrible. It’s really quite sad actually, I looked at the previous Silent Hill games as a quality bar for art in games. I actually got into the games industry mainly because of those titles and I still hope to get a chance to work on a game that might live up to the same level of quality as them. I don’t know what has happened internally with the studio that’s developing this game, but I can imagine it’s not uncommon to what goes on in a lot of other studios these days. The industry as a whole seems to have attracted all the wrong kind of people, mostly of the variety that are either looking to try and make some fast money by targeting a hot trend or the type that just finished their one year game design degree at one of those schools that you see in the late night commercials that’s supposed to appeal to high school dropouts. Just from looking at these screenshots I can see how Silent Hill has received the “next-gen” treatment. There’s probably a whole studio filled with dozens of developers putting in the bare minimum of effort on this title because they’ve been so demoralized by overbearing management that use words like “franchise”, “market share”, “number of units sold”,”scrum meetings” or leads and co-workers that are either skillfully inept or more interested in stroking their own egos then putting in the work required to make a title like this worthy of note or the consumers dollar. When it really comes down to it, it’s not so much the monetary investment that’s being asked to be made of the end user, but the investment of their time that is the most important. If a developer feels like his work isn’t worth his time and treats it as such, it sure as hell isn’t going to be worth anybody elses time to play their product. I really loved the Silent Hill games, I have a lot of great memories of playing them in the dark at 3 in the morning and having this creepy feeling from being compleatly immersed in that world. It’s sad to see that this feeling hasn’t been reciprocated by the developers at the Collective. I look at those screenshots above and I honestly just don’t see any love in them.

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