The Pain and Confusion of Video Game Love, in Haiku

Sir Cucumber at The Resigned Gamer has penned four haiku (haikus? Is this like "deer" or something ...) on the essence of video game love, prefaced with a rather creepy comparison to ... uh, butter. Nnnhkay. The chuckles include Disaster Report, Bully (the obligatory dude-on-dude kissing) Mappy-Land (at left) and Wall Street Kid. Enjoy.

Naturally, I want to take a shot at this. The results ... eh. Using Super Mario Bros., I tried to capture the creeping dread of being stood up, and the loser's instinct to cling to any good news in the aftermath. The major literary magazines only pay, like, $US 5 a line for the best poetry. Tell me if you get your $US 15 worth here:

Passive aggression!
She's in ANOTHER castle?!
Still, her friend thanked me.

Meditation on Games Past: Haiku for life's little lubricants [The Resigned Gamer]


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