This Guy's Already Finished GTA IV

Rob Taylor, deputy editor of Xbox World 360 magazine, is the first games writer to finish Grand Theft Auto IV (Crecente is ... well, he's hurt by this. You probably shouldn't mention it when he gets back on Monday.) He was among a group of writers who got to play at Rockstar's offices in Chelsea, London, and was the first to get through it. GamesRadar UK has a talk with Rob about what he saw and learned — helpfully edited to remove spoilers (right down to asterisking a mission title).

Tidbits after the jump:

• He completed the game in 25 hours of playing time. It doesn't sound like he 100 percented it, so this is probably a mission-only completion.

• Rob anticipates that, playing at a normal pace, you'll get 40 hours of gaming out of the missions, plus another 25 for the side missions. Others have speculated at close to 100 hours total. Whatever, it's going to be a lot.

• He did it over the span of three days (!!!) beginning March 26, going from 9 am to 10 pm. (I usually feel ... nasty after gaming that long. You?)

• The missions get rather difficult at the end. "The final couple of missions are a rock," he says. (Not sure if anyone feels the same way, but I thought the closing missions of San Andreas were almost too easy — and I wasn't using a walkthrough. Vice City however was insanely difficult at the end. Wonder if this will be a blend.)

In all, he confirms it's going to be a powerhouse game, and will thoroughly take over your schedule after April 29. Hopefully I'm moved into a new apartment by then. And have my 360 back.

He's Finished Grand Theft Auto IV! [GamesRadar]


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