Tiger Mauling Victim Becomes Wii Remote Thief

It's the same old story. One day you're getting mauled by a tiger with your buddies, the next you're suing the city of San Francisco and (allegedly!) shoplifting Wii controllers. That's the case for 19 year old Paul Dhaliwal who was arrested last week on shoplifting charges, nabbed by security personnel who claim he had stuff two Wii remotes down his pants at a San Leandro Target store.

Yes, it's weird. You'd think that having your 17-year old buddy clawed to death by a wild tiger would scare you straight on just about everything, but it doesn't appear that alleged Wii remote thievery is Mr. Dhaliwal's first offence. At least Nintendo can say they've cornered the market on Alpha Tiger Mauled Teens. No one's done that before.

San Jose brothers maimed by zoo tiger allege negligence, defamation [San Jose Mercury News - thanks, Adam!]


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