Top 10 Video Game Emotions

Only a Game has a fun post on the 'top 10 video game emotions' - emotions that people recognise as both present while they're playing, and enhancements of gameplay:

Based on the 1,040 responses to the DGD2 survey, I have ranked the top 10 emotions with their average score out of 5 to get a rough-and-ready estimate of the popularity of various emotions. This isn't a strict scientific measure, as such, but the highest scoring emotions are those for which the majority of people not only recognised having that emotion while playing games, but recognised it enhanced their enjoyment.

There are some surprises ('fiero,' or 'triumph over adversity,' one of the emotions that gets a lot of attention in these sorts of discussions, didn't even make it halfway up the top ten list), and some not so surprising ('amusement' got the top spot). Anyways, it's an interesting analysis of some of the whys and wherefores of the final tallies.

Top Ten Videogame Emotions [Only a Game]


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