Top Rated Ikaruga Player: "XBLA Version is Horrible"

Enjoy that XBLA Ikaruga? The current top-rated numero uno player Kingoro58k totally hates it. While he seems to put up with the XBLA port enough to reclaim his spot from a Finnish gamer, Kingoro58k writes:

The XBLA version of Ikaruga is a horrible port.
This isn't Ikaruga, this is Ikaruga LOL.

As commenter Muu points out, the reason for this hatorade is that there are minor changes from the arcade/Dreamcast version. Among them, in a couple places, enemy placement is different and the direction of laser beams on the third stage's mini-boss has been changed. Kingoro58k has detailed the changes as well on his own blog. For those interested in reading up on these differences, forum SuperPlay! has the nitty-gritty. Good times.
Ikaruga LOL [Kingoro58k Thanks, Muu!]


    lol sad much?
    the laser beams go a different direction
    Life = fail

    What a total DOUCHE-BAG. Just because there are some minor changes that throws his years of memorisation into disarray, he calls it a terrible port.

    Download his replay and you'll see why he's so worried about minor positional changes. The guy chains the entire game from beginning to end, only messing up once during the level 3 sub-boss fight where he mentioned.

    Seriously, if you own Ikaruga, check it out. Its an amazing effort from someone who's obviously played the game way, way too much.

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