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Never played TrackMania? If you own a PC and answer yes, get out. Get out of my sight. Those still here, good news! TrackMania Nations Forever was released today, and is a 500MB, downloadable version of TrackMania Nations that gives you most of what makes the series so awesome, only it's free. You get 65 tracks, you get multiplayer, you get a new track editor, and yes, it's free. Quit reading, start downloading (5x download links in the presser).


TrackMania Nations Forever is available today as a free download.

The highly awaited sequel to TrackMania Nations (launched two years ago), TrackMania Nations Forever offers a new complete 'Forever' version of the stadium environment, a complete solo mode and 65 brand new, progressively difficult tracks.

TrackMania Nations Forever will unite an even larger number of players thanks to its engaging multiplayer modes, innovative online functions and revolutionary interactivity between players.

TrackMania Nations Forever will allow the convergence of the huge TrackMania community. For the first time, players of the free versions will now be able to play online with players from the retail version of the new TrackMania United Forever. This is achieved by using servers dedicated to the Stadium environment common to both games.

In addition to being compatible with Nations Forever, the retail release of TrackMania United Forever has many more bonuses - including tracks that have never been seen before, new design blocks (build your own tracks) for the game environments and a spectacular graphics update for the Desert, Snow and Rally environments.

TrackMania Nations Forever features:
• 65 brand new, progressively difficult tracks
• A new 'Forever' version of the Stadium environment
• Engaging multiplayer modes
• A solid solo mode
• A brand new track editor
• Innovative communications between competing racers via PC

Links to download the free game TrackMania Nations Forever (500 MB)


GamersHell link:



    Is it still "infected" by bloody StarForce protection? If so .. FAIL

    I've spent a fair amount of time playing TrackMania Sunrise, the second game, and it's loads of fun. I'd highly recommend this if it's similar gameplay to the older ones, and especially seeing as it's free.

    They managed to mix realistic racing with loops and crazy turning, and make it really fun.

    Discovered this on Steam last night. Nonetheless the rest of the night was spent cursing the evil geniuses that create the tracks.
    Such an addictive series, it took me a long time to break the habit of restarting races as soon as I stuff up in other racing games after playing the first Trackmania

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