Two Hours of Mario Kart Direct Feed

Wii Nintendo got their paws on Mario Kart Wii and filmed two hours of direct feed of them playing through all 32 courses of the game's 150cc level. WiiNintendo offers up their opinion on the game at the link pasted below. In general they seemed to love it, though it sounds like 50cc and 100cc racing wasn't much fun and they couldn't really play with the Wheel.

Hit the jump for the course run down and the video for two hours of spoilers.

Two Hours of Mario Kart Wii Direct Feed, All 32 Courses [Wii Nintendo]

Course Rundown:
Mushroom Cup:
Luigi Circuit
Moo Moo Meadows
Mushroom Gorge
Toad's Factory

Flower Cup:
Mario Circuit
Coconut Mall
DK's Snowboard Cross
Wario's Gold Mine

Star Cup:
Daisy Circuit
Koopa Cape
Maple Treeway
Grumble Volcano

Special Cup:
Dry Dry Ruins
Moonview Highway
Bowser's Castle
Rainbow Road

Shell Cup:
GCN Peach Beach
DS Yoshi Falls
SNES Ghost Valley 2
N64 Mario Raceway

Banana Cup:
N64 Sherbet Land
GBA Shy Guy Beach
DS Delfino Square
GCN Waluigi Stadium

Leaf Cup:
DS Desert Hills
GBA Bowser Castle 3
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway
GCN Mario Circuit

Lightning Cup:
SNES Mario Circuit 3
DS Peach Gardens
GCN DK Mountain
N64 Bowser's Castle

Two Hours of Mario Kart Wii Direct Feed, All 32 Courses [Wii Nintendo]


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