UAE State Enforces God Of War Ban

The Sharjah Municipality of the United Arab Emirates is having trouble keeping copies of God of War off the streets. The Sony game was banned for containing language and scenes that go against Islamic beliefs, notably the killing of gods, which I can understand, given the circumstance. Despite the bans, the game is still apparently easy to get hold of.

A UAE national said he was one of the people who was shocked to discover that the game was distributed in commercial areas, including the Central Souq, Al Rolla and sports shops in Nuammiya. "I knew that it was banned, but many of my friends were able to buy pirated copies from Dh5 to Dh10. I was shocked to see how much it contradicted Islamic values," said Khalid Bin Deemas, adding that it was dangerous as the video game was popular among children.

All concerned government departments are instructed to prohibit the sale of God of War and games like it, confiscating copies when they are found.

It's interesting to see how games are received in other countries. In the United States, the killing of ancient Greek gods is hardly a reason to try and get a game, though I am surprised the topless women and sex scenes didn't have people picketing in droves.

It's also refreshing to see that the mainstream media is the same no matter what beat they cover, as evidenced by the way the article was closed.

Have you noticed increased bad behaviour in a child that could be attributed to violent video games? Tell us about it. Are there enough regulations to check the sale of video games to minors?

Mmmm, so very familiar.

Crackdown against banned videogame [Gulfnews]


    It's the Middle-East, what do you expect? Furthermore who cares about it? The Middle-East is one of the worst places on Earth. Yes I know the UAE is one of the better places the Middle-East and what not, but still who cares? They use Sharia law over there.

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