Understanding Free to Play

Min Kim, Nexon America's director of game operations, sat down with Gamasutra to talk about the free to play model, Nexon's expansion to the 360 and the DS. On the issue of people dismissing the business model:

I don't want to discount people, but I don't think they're doing all the right research, because I see all the misconceptions that people have about what our business is. If they're going to ask the right questions, we could probably tell them.

Or if they would just go in and experience our games. A lot of people talk about it like, "Hey, this can't work," or "It doesn't have the right balance," and then when I ask them questions like, "Have you played it or seen it?" they're like, "No, but it's like this!" and I'm like... (laughs)

I think the misunderstandings and dismissals are a fact of life in regards to the free to play model, with Kim arguing that people don't really understand what it takes to make it work. It's an interesting interview on a gaming model that is becoming more and more popular (and plenty of other stuff besides).

Understanding Free-To-Play: Nexon's Min Kim Speaks Out [Gamasutra]


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