Unreal Tournament III 360 Reminds Us We'd Forgotten About It

I completely forgot about Unreal Tournament III. Sorry, Epic! No harm meant, it's just, I think the world's FPS games/fans have kinda moved on from the late 90s. That and there wasn't a 360 version, which for an online console FPS is like holding a doritos-eating championship then forgetting to invite the fatties. While many then went and assumed the "delayed" 360 version would quietly become the "cancelled" 360 version - due to Microsoft's reluctance to allow user-generated content on the 360 - Epic are still plugging away on the project, with Mark Rein posting on the company forums that the title will be playable for for the press in about two weeks time. Gotta admire their sticktoitiveness.
UT3 XB360 Release Date? [Epic]


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