Uwe Boll Can Write His Name

Reader Vincent took one for the team. He not only met Uwe Boll, but also saw the early sneak Postal screening. In the same night. Reader Vincent sounds like a total masochist! According to reader Vincent, the movie is a "decent homage" to the game and "decently funny." Writes reader Vincent:

It's mostly an immature and dumb flick, but definitely Boll's best so far (not that that's saying much) and he should probably stick to making funny movies. Boll is a humble guy and I actually felt kinda bad for him, he mentioned being one o the most hated guys in the video game world and seemed kinda depressed saying it. I felt bad, but then I remembered he made House of the Dead /and/ Alone in the Dark /and /Bloodrayne /and /Dungeon Siege and then I didn't feel bad anymore.

We're glad that reader Vincent doesn't feel sad anymore. Reader Vincent even got Uwe's autograph. You can see that after the jump. Think of it as proof that Uwe Boll is literate. (Or that he can only write his own name.)

Thanks reader Vincent for the tip!


    hang on to that signature, this guy is going places.

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