Uwe Boll's Postal Getting Rave Reviews From People You've Never Heard Of

It's rare that I make it out the local cineplex these days unless former Village People cowboy Randy Jones gives it his stamp of approval. Fortunately for Uwe Boll and whomever bankrolled his latest video game adaptation Postal, they've got a tenner coming their way, fresh from my wallet! Just kidding, obviously, but the film does appear to be on the receiving end of rave review from people you're sure to be unfamiliar with, including that guy from the blog you haven't read Times Square Gossip who wrote that Postal is so funny "you are going to drop your popcorn." What's funny about dropped popcorn? That's serious.

Other folks whose opinion carries no weight say that the movie is "the funniest film of the year" and will bring you to tears or the brink of incontinence. Even Postal developer Vince Desi says the film has been "sharpened" and I can't imagine he'd be anything but honest with us about the movie based on his game.

About another half-review is contained in the press release after the jump.

"POSTAL" Movie Campaign Delivers Raves in NY, Chicago"

Tucson, AZ: SRO advance screenings of Uwe Boll's "Postal" at New York's Tribeca Film Centre on April 1 and April 3 in Chicago have created genuine buzz regarding the film's May 23rd rollout. The popular site Times Square Gossip, in a story entitled "Osama Bin Laden Goes time last night with Village People icon Randy Jones at the screening of 'Postal', the new movie based on the hit video game. This is a must see movie if you want to have some old time laughs. Scenes with Osama Bin Laden are so funny you are going to drop your popcorn..."

Times Square Gossip went on to attest: "'Postal' will take you back to all the laughs you had as a teen. I haven't seen a movie this funny since then, with the audience yelling and falling on the floor laughing."

Michael J. Hein, Director of The New York City City Horror Film Festival, declares: "'Postal' is the funniest film of the year...hands down!"

After the New York event, Uwe and Vince Desi, RWS's ringleader; took part in a no-holds-barred Q&A session with the audience. Packed houses in both New York and Chicago enjoyed the latest cut of the film. "The most recent edits have really sharpened the film," reports Big Apple-native Desi, who took a break from developing POSTAL III at Running With Scissors' Tucson headquarters.

Meanwhile, POSTAL fan Tara "Evilstara" Jarvis attended the Chicago sneak preview and wrote: "[My husband and]I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants and he had tears in his eyes. It was awesome!"


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