Valve Asked Microsoft To Build Steam (Microsoft Said "No, Thanks")

Sure, it had a rocky start to life, but Valve's Steam platform is probably the best thing PC gaming has going for it right now, and has given the company far more clout in the industry than it could muster from its games alone. But how different could things have been if Valve had looked to somebody else to build the system? Somebody like...Microsoft? Or maybe even Yahoo? Valve's Doug Lombardi tells GamesIndustry:

You know, we went around to Yahoo, Microsoft...and anybody who seemed like a likely candidate to build something like Steam.

We basically had our feature list that we wanted. We wanted auto-updating, we wanted better anti-piracy, better anti-cheat, and selling the games over the wire was something we came up with later.

We went around to everybody and asked 'Are you guys doing anything like this?' And everyone was like 'That's a million miles in the future...We can't help you.

Can you imagine a Steam built by Yahoo? And how goddamned brilliant it would be? And intuitive? Boggles the mind.
Microsoft and Yahoo rejected Steam, says Valve []


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