Video Proof That Rock Band Learns You Some Drummin'

Was Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopoulos spot on when he said that Rock Band would "training an army of a million drummers"? Maybe. It, at the very least, helped train one, Attack of the Show's Kevin Periera. He recently applied his 89% expert-level skills on Coheed and Cambria's "Welcome Home" to some real life Coheed and Cambria. How's he do? Well, I won't spoil it.

Okay, I will. He nails it. I have no idea how much real life drum experience Mr. Pereira's had, but if it's strictly limited to Rock Band, I'm impressed. Next time some internet d-bag asks why you don't just play a real instrument, fire back that maybe, just maybe, you will. Clip via FakePlasticRock.


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