Virtual Archery Bow Puts Link..And Rambo...To Shame

Most Wiimote accessories are pitiful mockeries of the real thing. Cutesy, plastic tennis rackets don't make me feel like Andre Agassi. And the Wii Zapper doesn't make me feel like a Dirty Harry. But this Virtual Archery Bow by Thomas Foo is a full-blown bow made out of a full-blown bow. The only thing it's missing are the arrows...which we're thinking would put flying Wiimotes of yore to shame in a heartbeat. Here's a picture of the game he made for the peripheral, Trajectory:

There's no doubt—the Virtual Archery Bow is completely absurd. But it's almost poetic in its fanaticism. Is there something to be said for higher quality Wiimote accessories for the niche enthusiast?

As long as some people are willing to buy golf club extensions and tiny tennis rackets, why not just cut the foreplay, put a disclaimer on the package and offer the real thing?
Wiimote-Modded Bow for Hardcore Zelda Wannabes [Gizmodo AU]


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