Week in Games: OMG Most Awesomest Game Ever This Week

Of course I am talking about LET'S PILATES for the DS! Woot! This amazingly deep sandbox-MMO-driving-multiplayer-movie tie-in lets you build flexibility, strength, endurance and coordination IN REAL TIME! An exclusive review gave it 11/10! Best game since Shaq Fu!

Oh yeah, Mario Kart Wii is out, Iron Man is coming Friday and uh, Grand Theft Auto IV or something. So which of these gets your hard earned gamer coin?

Mario Kart Wii (WII)
Grand Theft Auto IV (X360, PS3)
Iron Man (X360, PSP, PS2, PS3, WII, DS)

SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1 (PSP, PS2)
Great War Nations: The Spartans (PC)
Baseball Mogul 2009 (PC)
Toy Shop (DS)
Let's Yoga (DS)
Brain Voyage (DS)
Let's Pilates (DS)

New Video Game Releases - Week of April 27 [GameSpot]


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