Week in Games: We Had the Time of Our Lives

There are 18 releases coming up this week, and the largest drop appears to be the PC versions of Assassin's Creed and Portal, plus a Half Life 2 Episode Pack. Those are the biggest names I spot anyway.

The WTF drop of the week, hands down, is "Dirty Dancing." This movie was a favourite of 40-something women strung out on prescription antidepressants and boxed wine in 1987. They're now 60-something. Not exactly the demographic that camps out on Tuesdays for a new release. Or picks up a controller. The parade of new games is after the jump:

Fab 5 Soccer (DS)
Plushees (DS)
Half-Life 2: Episode Pack (PC)
Dirty Dancing (PC)
MiniCopter: Adventure Flight (Wii)
Fatal Fury Battle Archives Vol. 2 (PS2)
Ikaruga (XBLA)
Summer Sports: Paradise Island (Wii)
Overclocked: A History of Violence (PC)
Portal (PC)
Baroque (Wii, PS2)
Arcana Heart (PS2)
Assassin's Creed (PC)

There's also Sam & Max Episode 205: What's New Beelzebub?, Civil War Mysteries, and Team Fortress 2 coming out for the PC.

If you're picking up any of these — especially Dirty Dancing, I want to know about that — let us know in the comments. Thanks.

New Video Games - Week of April 7 [GameSpot]


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