Weezer Dude Recommends Real Guitar Over Fake Guitar

Musicians make music. Non-musicians stand in their living room, drinking beer in their socks, strumming on a piece of plastic. So what does Rob Zombie and that Weezer guy Rivers Cuomo think? While Zombie offered, "I don't play them, but I think it's awesome," Cuomo was a tad more critical:

I've never played it. I don't get those games at all. I mean, I haven't tried them. But they must be fun because people love them. But, to me, it seems like if you're going to put that much effort into playing something, you should just play a real instrument. [laughs]

Real instruments don't raise your Gamertag Score, dude.
Rob Zombie, Weezer Hate Guitar Hero [Joystick Division]


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