Westin Renting Wiis For Free

Not so long ago, we ran a story about the Westin chain of hotels planning to supply Nintendo Wiis to hotel guests. Given the exorbitant price at which other chains rent the console, most of us figured that the Westin might price gouge as well. Not so, says their PR team. They've assured us that the Wii program will be "completely free of charge to all hotel guests."

When we asked if it would be part of a customer loyalty incentive program, they once again assured us that, "No—it will be free of charge to all guests of the hotel." OK, OK. We get it. Free. Here's the full Westin announcement:

Contrary to what's been reported on several blogs, Westin Hotels & Resorts' new Wii program will be completely free of charge to all hotel guests. This perk is the result of a groundbreaking partnership between Westin and Nintendo, details of which will be announced in the coming weeks.

This complimentary amenity will be yet another addition to the successful WestinWORKOUT program, which currently provides state-of-the-art equipment and workouts—including running maps, guided runs and mental exercises—free of charge to all hotel guests.

Hmm, but there are still lots of questions as to how the logistics will pan out. We'll keep an ear out to find just how this program will work. Because we like the potential trend of free games available to hotel guests quite a bit. Now just to get a discount on those special pay-per-view channels...


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