What Game Are You Ashamed You Played?

Since McWhertor whiffed on "What Are You Playing," and Bash didn't do a TUD post either, and it's a slow news day, I'm bringing out the Giraffe to ask a question that, by its nature, you wouldn't want to answer.

But I'm gonna do it anyway because we're big boys and girls and can confess our secrets, and besides, only a complete imbecile would create a commenter account in his full legal name. So it's time to spill the beans. The TUD Giraffe demands:

What game — any console, any title, any era — are you most ashamed of playing?

Ideally, I'm talking about a game you would hide even if gamer friends came over. But it can be any game that just embarrasses you to say you played it. Bonus points if you still own it.

I'll admit mine here: I got "Playboy: The Mansion" from GameFly about three years ago, just because, hey, it was anonymous and no one would know, and I was lonely. What a crap game. The Sims with boobs, and little else. I think I got a U.S. senator to pose nude for one of my editions though, and got it on with her on top of a pinball machine. Oh Lord, now I'm thinking about Elizabeth Dole ... make it stop ...

So tell us, dammit! In the comments.


    Did anyone else play Grandia Xtreme? ...I thought not.

    Oh, and just for the record...the little girl in RapeLay (her name's Manaka, by the way) only cries the first few times; after you unlock a few things she actually gets rather into it and will even take a more dominant position. Also, the older sister will kill you.

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