What If Oblivion Ran On The Crysis Engine?

Your computer would explode. That's what. So let's just play hypotheticals, then, and check out this clip showing what the Imperial City and surrounding countryside look like running on Crytek's CryEngine. The city assets are dropped straight in from Oblivion, but the natural stuff and lighting, that's all new. And gorgeous.
Oblivion To Crysis [Crymod, thanks Will!]


    I guess it looks nicer...hard to tell with the shitty YouTube resolution.

    So, Oblivion on Crysis… that’s a fun hypothetical!
    In this alternate reality I imagine that Oblivion the much touted and yet to be released game from legendary Bethesda has been in production for many years, we have seen stunning screen shots and in game video at the last 3 E3’s but no sign of the game yet. Oblivion will reportedly be a PC only game for the few hard-core gamers with the PC desktops to support it. No word on game play yet but it is thought to be less of a focus than the stunning environments.

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