What Is Love?

What is love? Is it an emotion? A chemical reaction? According to developer Eskil Steenburg, Love is a first person not so massively multi player online procedural adventure game, which is a real mouthful. At it's heart it is an online roleplaying game with low system requirements, randomly generated monsters, and a graphical style purposefully meant to look like concept art. Dig deeper and you'll find an entire world at your fingertips. The folks at PC Gamer recently had a chance to demo the game and were blown away.

The technology behind Love means that the game is editable like nothing we've seen before. Eskil points his mouse at a wall and clicks - then stretches the terrain back and forth, terraforming at will. Then he fires a gun at the side of a wall and it's blown away - digging a cave into the side of a cliff. He then trots through this tunnel, dropping into pastures on the far side.

Love is being designed as a completely user-driven world, where players have control of their environment and changes made are experienced by everyone, not just whoever completed the quest. It's an ambitious project, but the beautiful art style and ridiculously low system specs (512 meg ram, 1.5 GHz CPU, ATI Radeon 9800 or better) would make it one of the most accessible MMO titles on the market, and possibly the most fun. Hell, Eskil is even having fun creating it.

Then he pauses. "I sometimes get bored though. I want game development to be fun." He presses a button, and the pouch breaks apart into vector lines. Then a triangular space-ship steams in, under Eskil's control. The art package is gone. All that's left is a game of Asteroids.

Check out the official Love website for more screens and info, or hit up the link to read up on what had the PC Gamer folks charmed beyond all measure.

PC Gamer Preview - Love [CVG]


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