What's Next For Dr. Tanya? We'd Like To Know!

The dust has settled on the gaming and internet review from game playin', booze drinkin', clinical psychologist Tanya Byron. Now that it's finished, what is Dr. Tanya going to do? First up, she's going on vacation with her family. But after that...? Will she be returning to the gaming industry? Dr. Tanya seems reasonable enough, we'd love to have her back! Says the good doctor:

I will always — whether informally or formally — be very clear about how much I enjoyed working with the video games industry. And I will always talk about how much I enjoy playing games with my kids. You've got a friend in me. But how that is formalised in the future, who knows? I don't know if the industry would want me. But never say never.

I've spoken about my own love of gaming with my own family. My son, when I was given this job last year, said to me: "Mummy, please do not ban video games because I will have no friends.' He literally said on the morning the Review was published: "Thanks mum. Phew!"

Aw, how sweet. Wonder what Jack Thompson's kid says... Not so sweet. Probably kinda sad! Poor kid.
Tanya Interview [MCVUK]


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