What's The Deal With Those PlayStation 3 Mandatory Installs? I Mean, Hey...

Good things come to those who wait. That may not sell you on the ten to twenty minute installs required by some PlayStation 3 games like Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds or Devil May Cry 4, but for the time being some gamers are going to have to live with it. But what's the real deal behind the delayed satisfaction? Is it merely developer "laziness"? Crappy tech?

It's not merely "laziness" or the result of multi-platform lowest common denominator programming, even games like Gran Turismo 5 Prologue come equipped with a 12 minute install. So, what's the deal?

MTV Multiplayer explores the various reasons behind hard drive installs of game content, pointing out that some developers of multi-platform titles aren't catering their data structures to the Blu-ray format, opting to dump the DVD on the newer, Sony backed spec. That oversight in optimization may be contributing to your longer load times and, in some cases, explain required installs. The PS3's Blu-ray drive only reads at one speed, another contributor. There's more to be learned at the original report.

Does it suck? Yes. Would I rather have shortened load times, regardless of the install? Oh, most definitely. You mad? Let us know in the comments.

The Mystery Behind PlayStation 3's Sometimes Mandatory Installations [MTV Multiplayer][Image Credit]


    The thing that annoys me most about the mandatory installs is that it's a fricking console!

    Sure, it's not the end of the world, and life will go - the games will get better, and in the grand scheme of things it's just not a big deal.


    It's. A. Fricking. Console.

    None the many excuses make up for the fact that it shouldn't be happening.

    If it's a slow Blu-Ray Drive - Well that's a fuck you consumer from Sony for pushing out a technology that wasn't mature enough to support the needs of consumers today.

    If it's game companies not formatting their discs properly (which is really just another way of saying - Blu-Ray is to slow, and they need to double, triple, and quadruple etc up on data to read quick enough) - Well, that's half sony half game developers. But I don't think you can fairly blame game developers for having 1 system out of what... 4 ? PC's, 360's, Wii's and PS3's - that just has to do things differently, and not having the time or care factor to make it happen properly.

    To me, it boils down to Sony not thinking things through, and compromises having to be made by everyone else in the end.

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