Where Bionic Commando And Nintendo Stand

The PSN and Xbox Live Arcade are getting Bionic Commando remakes. But what about the original game? Why isn't that on the Virtual Console? BC producer Ben Judd told IGN: "If it's not on the Virtual Console, you can bet there's a reason for it." Game blog Siliconera points to Capcom mouthpiece Christian Svensson added his two cents: "Guys, you have to take this up with Nintendo. This is NOT, repeat NOT, a Capcom issue. Please remember, Nintendo calls the shots on what goes up on VC, not third parties." Let the conspiracy theories commence!

But where does Bionic Commando stand regarding Nintendo? There was that internet petition, but it's ground to a halt — everyone's forgotten. Here's what Capcom producer Ben Judd told Kotaku:

Of course I know Bionic Commando's history, and it's relationship to Nintendo platforms. A Wii version is something we are considering. And if we did a Wii version, it would not be a port of the next-gen games or a remake. It would be an original title, but wouldn't use the Wii-mote for one-to-one swinging. I have a pretty creative idea for how to handle the controls.

No one-to-one swinging, but "creative" Wii-mote controls? Could it be simply *gasp* pressing buttons?!


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