Who's In Your Virtual Final Four Pool?

Whoops. Apparently this is going on right now. (Or 11:15 CDT, which is ... I dunno what it is in Crecente Mountain Time.) Four guys playing College Hoops 2K8 with the real Final Four teams are tipping off, live on stage, in San Antonio, in the third annual Pontiac Virtual NCAA Final Four. Winner gets top bragging rights. And a car.

Your participants (let's do this arena-intro style):

• For KANSAS, from Alorton, Ill., age 23, RO-LAND FULLLLLLLLLLLER!
• For MEMPHIS, from Sayreville, N.J., age 20, KEVINNNNN RYANN!!!!
• For UCLA, from Pawnee, Ill., age 20, JONAS ... THE PARK BENCH ... PARKER!
• For NORTH CAROLINA, by way of Webster, Texas, age 20, JAAAAAAAMES WHITE!

KU and UNC were both rated 88 when the game came out, tops of all teams. Although I'm thinking Kevin Ryan, with Memphis, might be a good sleeper pick. The Tigers have great size and individual talent, two characteristics that an elite gamer can turn into a strong advantage. But a news release says the four above survived a field of more than 8,000, playing more than 200,000 games, so I have to think at least one of them could win with NIT runner-up Ole Miss UMass.

2008 Pontiac Virtual Final Four
[2K Sports]


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