'Why Do Good People Make Bad Games?'

Game Developer editor Brandon Sheffield mused on why it is that with so many creative and talented people, so many bad games get made - both in terms of making awful licensed titles, and people not taking the 'plunge' to do original and exciting titles:

I see conferences and talks on the future of games and design, and the true integration and collaboration of games with other media, and many of these ideas are sound, genuinely intriguing, and some of them are even possible to implement. Yet, where are they?

There are so many fantastic ideas out there not getting realised ....

That's the big question. How do you take that plunge? I can't count how many people I've talked to who have great ideas for games, or who had better concepts for sub-par games that were eventually released. Why don't their games get made? Too daunting? Too many bosses? .

Designed more to get conversation going than provide any answers, I think, it's an interesting problem to muse on. A lot of indie developers have come out against the typical development process; but like any business, I'm not sure what it would take to enable change on a large scale.

Why Do Good People Make Bad Games? [Gamasutra]


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