Wii Gets A Pretty New GameCube Controller

Gorgeous. Nintendo are releasing sometime later this month a new, white GameCube controller, no doubt to satisfy the growing throngs of not only Smash Bros (and soon to be Mario Kart) players, but Wii-white console colour fetishists as well. It'll retail for a suggested price of ¥2000 (around $US 20), comes with the requisite 3m cable and, as you've probably figured from that squiggly thing in front of the 2000, is at least for the moment Japan-only.
Controllers [Nintendo, via Go Nintendo]


    If they're gonna make my Wii look ugly by having the panel for controller ports open, there damn well be a wire attached to that shet. I love reg. GC controllers.

    I really want one, I live in Aus, any idea where to get one?

    Oh, has it been released yet?

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