Wii Launches In Korea On April 26

Yeah, you read that right. Launches. Those Koreans who after 18 months sans official support still care, you have our sympathies. According to Nintendo Korea's website, the console will be getting its long-overdue debut on April 26, and will retail for 220,000 Won ($US 225), albeit individually: Wii Sports will be packaged and sold separately, and will launch alongside Zack & Wiki, Wii Play, Super Swing Golf and four more unannounced titles.
Nintendo Wii [Nintendo Korea, via Go Nintendo]


    I am absolutely shocked that a country where gaming is so popular - maybe more popular than anywhere else - Still doesn't have one of the consoles. Hell, even *AUSTRALIA* got Wii - same time as the US, too. Poor, poor Korea.

    And no, I'm not going to stop bitching about Rock Band. But this IS pretty bad.

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