Will Australia Get Dual Shock 3 On April 24?

Will Australia Get Dual Shock 3 On April 24?
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A product listing over at local retailer Topshop shows an April 24 Oz release date and $99.95 price tag for the PS3’s new Dual Shock 3 controller. This factoid was spotted by the gents at PALGN.

Great news if it’s true… I guess. But a hundred bucks for a controller? I know the pricing on games is insane here, but now hardware as well? You should probably hit up Play-Asia and get it for $30 less.

Genuine Wireless Dualshock 3 Controller [Topshop via PALGN, thanks Shayne]


  • A hundred bucks? Are they making them out of solid gold or something?

    Surely it doesn’t cost that much to put the rumble in. It’s a last-generation feature after all. 😛

  • Yep. I got it through Play-Asia a couple of weeks ago and don’t regret it at all. In fact, I’d suggest boycotting the $99 price, if that is indeed what it will be, and simply import instead.

  • Just ordered mine through play-asia….
    But i havent bought my PS3 yet, I was holding out for a package with DS3 bundled. question now is do i wait until the 24th? or put up with a gimped sixaxis

  • Yep I got my DS3 on Play Asia, and have had it since a week after launch.
    I am now importing every game I play. I no longer have the patience or care for the local games market. I like being able to buy two games for the price of one. Get said games a few weeks before they come here, and without the draconian OFLC taking the “moral” knife to the game.

    I have put over 12 mates onto Play Asia and Yes Asia and am telling every person in EB I over hear complaining about the price about them.

    Don’t contribute to over priced games and don’t contribute to this nations inflation rates.

  • I got mine through Play-asia as well. cost me around $70 – $80 Australian I think.

    The $99.95 price tag is displayed in the latest Sony Pulse magazine as well

  • Here, here Ed, exactly what I wanted to say. Why pay extra for the grim looking guy who stands behind the counter of the games shop that knows next to nothing about the game you are after anyway.

  • yeah i work at target, and today i saw three DS3’s coming in, i tried to scan them but they werent in our system yet

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