Will Ferrell's Game Or Die Coming Soon?

The Will Ferrell backed comedy web site Funny Or Die may be getting a video game themed spin-off, according to NewTeeVee. Site CEO Dick Glover told NTV that what ultimately may be named Game Or Die, will be "a very broad-based site" with a video game focus and we presume, the odd Will Ferrell cameo or two.

What does he mean by broad-based? "Whether you're my age and playing Pac-Man is your idea of a video game, or you're younger and at the highest levels of Halo 3, or you're in a retirement home," Glover said "we're going to have something for you on this site." That probably means Ferrell playing Wii Sports bowling with a toddler and an invalid with hilarious results!

Funny or Die to Level Up Into Video Games [NewTeeVee]


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