Xbox Live On Dial-Up Is No Fun For Anybody

It's unlikely, but some of you out there may use a dial-up connection on a semi-regular basis. Hell, maybe even a regular basis. If so, you're probably used to waiting an age for stuff to download, so why not give your ceaseless read-press F5-wait-repeat cycle a miss and try something a little more laborious. Like connecting to Xbox Live. Instructables have the how-to guide, and all you need is a a PC hooked up to these internets via 56k and an ethernet cable. Oh, and some time on your hands.
How to get on Xbox Live with Dialup [Instructables, via Gizmodo]


    I used to play Xbox Live on a 28.8k connection. I'm not even kidding. It's a good idea to turn voice chat off though. However, it was DSL, so it was a bit more reliable than dialup. (We had a 200MB download limit, after that it went to 28.8k. Yes, quite sad.)

    Oh, man, you have a spam filter now... Poor Kotaku :(.

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