Yet Another Girl Touching DS Game

Blame SNK and its witching touching game Doki Doki Majo Shinpan, because the floodgates have been opened. Wide. Saucy manga/anime To LOVEru is getting PSP and DS games this summer. To LOVEru follows a high school boy and an alien girl. Both the PSP and the DS games are rated 15 and up, but the DS version seems a tad riskier with its touching mini-games. Hit the jump for the inevitable Penguin pink pantsu poking that heals her injuries. 'Cause, you know.

The DS game is out this August in Japan, with the PSP game out in September.
To LOVEru is a sexy game [Arumi]


    [...] Doki Shinpan’s niche success paved the way for more DS-based girl-touching games like To LOVEru and Hachi Koi. In Japan at least, “Touch Generations” was starting to take on a whole [...]

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