You Call These E-Rated Games? No!

The ESRB is not perfect. Not at all. Some games that might appear "For Everyone" ain't, well, For Everyone. Website GamePro Family has a look at E rated games that aren't necessarily E. Tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village
"...A 10 year-old boy is travelling the countryside with an old professor he has no relation to? By all the ESRB's guidelines this is an E-Rated game with no objectionable content..."

Baby Pals
"...Though young girls may play out taking care of babies with their dolls, the thought of wiping a baby's arse on a DS's touch screen is counter to everything that is good and pure..."

High Rollers Casinos
"Huh, what? Hanging out in a casino and gambling is E-Rated?"

There are 13 more questionable titles.
E Games Gone Wild! [GamePro Family via Go Nintendo][Pic]


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