You Watch Old Movies?

To: Crecente
From: Bash

Horribly stressful day. Watching Rio Bravo to try and relax. When I started to get stressed out, I pop in a movie that I've seen a gajillion times. You know, something I don't really hafta watch. I usually alternate between The Third Man, A Night at the Opera or either any Howard Hawks movie. Guy never made a bad film! Also, we went to the same university. Though, at different times. :/

I know you like Reservoir Dogs, but what other movies are on rotation at the Crecente house?

What you missed last night
Wii Wheel not $US 15?
Officially unofficial MGS4 box art
Boll won't disappear, forget it


    'The Thing from Another World' totally missed the point of the short story 'Who Goes There' that it was adapted from. It wasn't a bad film I guess, but I think it could have been better. John Carpenter got it right. Scarface is a good film.

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