Your Quarterly Reminder That Duke Nukem Forever Exists

3D Realms is still plugging away at Duke Nukem Forever, with a playable version being shown off to the crew from Shacknews that serves as a helpful reminder that Duke Nukem Forever exists. After witnessing "a good half hour" of gameplay and environments from the perennially late first-person shooter, the response was measure and largely free from overhype.

"We both confidently agree that after seeing this demonstration, Duke Nukem Forever is looking great, and will easily stand apart from the crowd in both visual and gameplay styles," writes Shacknews' Steve Gibson. Not going to be stamped on a box in a big, bright, all-caps pull quote, but better than nothing. Maybe?

Shacknews Views Duke Nukem Forever [Shacknews]


    3Drealms,no one believes you will ever finish DNF.
    It's time to compile or get off the pot.

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