Zune Demonstrating Tasty Multiplayer That's Getting Cold

At GDC, we had the opportunity to demo a Zune running an XNA game. And it looked pretty good. So what has been Microsoft's Zune team been thinking about in the several months since then? XNA commander and chief Chris Satchell fills us in:

One of the things we talked about was the network play, and we've had people doing prototypes internally of multiplayer shoot-'em-ups both in versus and co-op.

He continues:

I'm really looking forward to people using their networking ability to use peer-to-peer games...I'm sure we're going to see some peer-to-peer race games, kart-style games - those are going to be fun.

While we certainly don't mind the Zune platform stepping up and getting in on a piece of the Xbox 360 action, we've seen Wi-Fi connected portables offering co-op and head to head for years. It's time for us to see more, and quickly.


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