180-Degree Gaming With The J-Dome

This is John Nilsson's J-Dome, a projector-based screen that's the result of some nifty ideas concerning field of vision. Wrapped around you like a lowered umbrella, the J-Dome promises to give the player a whopping 180-degree field of vision, as opposed to the standard 15-20 degrees you enjoy from a flatscreen monitor/TV, meaning you'll be able to see stuff in the corner of your eye without having to actually point you character in that direction. While the screen itself is a little dorky, the experience looks mighty promising, and is expected to cost around $US 150-$US 200 (excluding projector, obviously). Vid's after the jump if you'd like to see exactly how it works. Those not interested will still enjoy Nilsson's salesmanship.

The J-Dome [via Giz AU]


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