360 Alligator Skin Casemod

Alligator skin: Nothing like taking one of nature's top carnivores, a beast with no natural predators (except some jackarses on a fanboat), and turning it into something trivial. Once I ate alligator meat on a foccacia. A gator might dismember you in two bites and I imagine that hurts, but winding up as a sandwich? Pwned.

But rather than a belt or a pair of shoes, one modder has encased his 360 in gator skin. It's not a real alligator's hide, but I'm sure Alligator mississippiensis would find it no less offensive. Or PETA, defenders of the defenseless, for that matter. The modder used a putty molding for the skin's texture and then some paint and gloss to give it that just-been Armour-Alled look.

And the power switch? Definite eye of Sauron when this thing RRoD's. And you know what that means. Either it ends up as someone else's refurb (hopefully in a bayou somewhere) or they scrub like mad and get every last piece of gator skin off the sucker.

Gator-Skin 260 Casemod
[The Lamma's Game Console Forums, via ]


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